Workshop 1: Unlocking Assessment Cultures

by Stuart Shaw & Eleanor Andressen

What exactly is an ‘assessment culture’? And what insights can we gain into our own assessment practices by comparing them with practices and cultural influences in other countries and contexts? Through a series of thematically-linked contributions led by members of the AEA-E Assessment Cultures SIG Steering Group, this workshop will provide a stimulating forum for participants to reflect upon these issues. The workshop will explore the influences and impacts of the cultures in which we live and work on the ways in which assessment is and has been conceptualised, developed and used in different parts of the world, as well as in different disciplines, organisations and contexts. Read More

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Workshop 2: Put your test to the test

by Cor Sluijter & Bas Hemker

Educational tests serve a specific goal, such as evaluation, monitoring, diagnostics, selection or guidance. Such a goal is only met, if the test is of sufficient quality. This workshop aims to provide participants with practical tools to evaluate the quality of a test.
Our target audience consists of people involved in test development. Participants should have experience with at least some of the elements of test production. They also should have an understanding of the basic psychometric principles of testing. Read More

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Workshop 3: Item Banking and Assembly of Test Forms

by Angela Verschoor & Sebastiaan de Klerk

The workshop will offer an introduction into Item Banking and applications for test assembly from a practical point of view. Participants will gain insight in the do’s and don’ts when using an item bank for the purpose of developing assessment instruments, and will receive practical guidelines to use metadata and psychometric theory to assemble optimal tests based on an existing item bank. participants will have hands-on experience in using automated tools to make linear or adaptive tests, based on Item Response Theory (IRT) or Classical Test Theory (CTT). Main features of these applications will be addressed in the workshop. Participants will be able to understand and assess the usefulness of item banking in their own work.

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